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Directory of Schools

List of Schools, by Grade/Level, Public & Private

Iba Ecumenical Learning Center Zone 4, Iba, Zambales Private
St. Augustine’s School Zone 4, Iba, Zambales Private
Bible Baptist School Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Private
Iba Elementary School Zone 6, Iba, Zambales Public
Amungan Elementary School Amungan, Iba, Zambales Public
Dampay Elementary School Dampay, Amungan, Iba, Zambales Public
Lawak Elementary School Lawak, Amungan, Iba, Zambales Public
Bangantalinga Elementary School Bangantalinga, Iba, Zambales Public
Little Baguio Elementary School Little Baguio, Bangantalinga, Iba, Zambales Public
Dirita-Baloguen Elementary School Dirita-Baloguen, Iba, Zambales Public
Libaba Elementary School Zone I, Iba, Zambales Public
Lipay-Dingin Elementary School Lipay-Dingin, Iba, Zambales Public
Paulo Abastillas Sr. Memorial Elementary School Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Public
San Agustin Elementary School San Agustin, Iba, Zambales Public
Sta. Barbara Elementary School Sta. Barbara, Iba, Zambales Public
Sto. Rosario Elementary School Sto. Rosario, Iba, Zambales Public
Marciano Abela Elementary School Tambac, Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Public
ADBSA Aeta (Jesmag Iba) Elementary School Tambac, Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Public
Lupang Pangako Res. School Dampay, Amungan, Iba, Zambales Public
Zambales National High School Zone 6, Iba, Zambales Public
Ramon Magsaysay Technological University High School Zone 6, Iba, Zambales SUC
Ramon Magsaysay Technological University Zone 6, Iba, Zambales SUC
Micro Asia College of Science and Technology Zone I, Iba, Zambales Tertiary
TESDA Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Vocational/Training Center
Hopeful Beginnings Institute Palanginan, Iba, Zambales Caregiver Training Center
Subic Bay College Inc. Zone 4, Iba, Zambales Vocational
All Asia Aviation Academy Panibuatan, Iba, Zambales Vocational


SY 2012 – 2013

School Pupil – Teacher Ratio Repetition Rate Dropout Rate Cohort Survival Rate Transition Rate Retention Rate Graduation Rate Completion Rate
Iba Central 1:37 2.1 0 92.0 88 89.0 100.0 86.0
Lipay-Dingin 1:36 1.5 0 100.0 100 77.7 100.0 80.4
Libaba 1:43 0.0 0 95.1 94 91.8 99.1 99.1
Dirita-Baloguen 1:32   0 88.0 91 95.0 100.0 88.0
Sta. Barbara 1:33 0.4 0.58 70.9 100 87.8 100.0 70.9
PASMES 1:36 0.6 0 97.0 98 97.0 100.0 99.9
Tambac 1:30 0.0 1.1 82.6 87.4 87.5 100.0 99.0
ADBSA 1:30 18.0 0 40.0 88.8 95.0 88.8 35.5
District Results 1:35 3.2 1.68 83.2 93.4 90.1 98.5 82.3


SY 2010 – 2011

Type of School School Name Barangay Head of School Designation Tel. No.


District Supervisor (South) District Supervisor (North) 047-811-1545
Comp. Elem. Amungan Elementary School Amungan Arnel F. Rosal Principal I 0919-640-4212
Inc. Prim. ADBSA (Jesmag Iba) Tambac, Palanginan Amor A. Fuentecilla, Sr. Head Teacher III 0909-547-4907
Comp. Elem. Bangantalinga Elementary School Bangantalinga Marciana B. Fenollar Principal I 0906-218-4387
Comp. Elem. Dampay Elementary School Dampay, Amungan Ernesto S. Flordeliz Head Teacher II 0915-849-0179
Comp. Elem. Dirita-Baloguen Elementary School Dirita, Baloguen Lolita T. Elementary Schoolcat Head Teacher III 0928-305-4771
Comp. Elem. Iba South Central School Baytan (Zone 6) Rogelia R. Bandala Principal III  
Comp. Elem. Lawak Elementary School Lawak, Amungan Cynthia M. Merza Head Teacher III 0916-786-8939
Comp. Elem. Libaba Elementary School Libaba Joel D. Orcino Head Teacher III 0929-532-3493
Comp. Elem. Lipay-Dingin Elementary School Lipay-Dingin Josephine D. Lavilla, Ed.D. Head Teacher III 0921-539-1736
Comp. Elem. Little Baguio Elementary School Bangantalinga Marie Flo M. Aysip Master Teacher I  
Comp. Elem. Paulo Abastillas Sr. Mem. Elementary School (Formerly Palanginan Elementary School) Palanginan Ireneo R. Alminanza Principal II 0906-352-3178
Comp. Elem. San Agustin Elementary School San Agustin Marilou M. Leomo Head Teacher III 0919-433-8798
Comp. Elem. Sta. Barbara Elementary School Sta. Barbara Gina F. Rosendo Principal II 0920-712-6023
Comp. Elem. Sto. Rosario Elementary School Sto. Rosario Jesus A. Umipig Head Teacher III  
Comp. Elem. Marciano Abela Elementary School Tambac, Palanginan Joel A. Alvior Head Teacher III 0920-646-7732
Inc. Elem. Lupang Pangako Res. Sch. Dampay, Amungan Albert F. Alvior Teacher II